1)       Jury Trial (2016): Count 1) Penal Code §  243(e)(1) (Domestic Violence Battery), Count 2) Penal Code § Penal Code § 236, 237(a) (False Imprisonment) 

Client was charged with domestic violence against his ex-girlfriend. Client allegedly struck his ex-girlfriend in the middle of the street in front of seven witnesses. He also allegedly falsely imprisoned her by dragging her into her car and keeping her in there. A swift investigation of the case revealed a different set of facts including self-defense. The jury ended up believing my client's correct version of events and we won! Alleged victim was shown to be a liar. Jury Verdict: NOT GUILTY AS TO ALL COUNTS!

2)         Jury Trial (2016): Count 1) Penal Code § 490.2 (Petty Theft)  

Client was charged with stealing a camera while on video surveillance. An investigation of the case revealed that there was a viable defense in this case despite being on camera committing the act. The investigation revealed that the story was much more complicated than what was initially seen on video. It became obvious during the trial that my client was setup. Jury ended up believing my client and justice was served. Jury Verdict: NOT GUILTY! 

3)         Jury Trial (2015): Count 1) Penal Code § 242/243(e)(1) (Domestic Violence Battery) ,Count 2) Penal Code § 594(b)(2)(A) (Vandalism) 

Client was charged with domestic battery against his girlfriend. Client allegedly struck his girlfriend and choked her. Prompt investigation revealed a different story. Also, client was charged with committing vandalism in the home by damaging certain property within the home. Jury Verdict: HUNG JURY! The jury was unable to make a decision as to either count. Count 1 was 8 Not Guilty and 4 Guilty, Count 2 was 10 Not Guilty and 2 Guilty! Client faced potential deportation if found guilty as to count 1. By having a hung jury I was able to negotiate with the DA and arrange for an immigration safe plea which involved no jail time, no 52 weeks of batter’s treatment classes, and no 20 hours of community service as the original offer required. Client ended up entering a plea of no contest to count 2, had to do a few hours of anger management, and the case can be expunged from his record after completing probation. Client is very happy!  

4)        Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Penal Code § 490.2 (Shoplifting)

Client was charged with shoplifting at Safeway. A vigorous defense revealed that client simply made a mistake. Initial offer before getting involved was: 60 days in county jail, 3 court probation, theft terms, and so on. After I got involved in the case client received an infraction (essentially a ticket), no jail time, no court probation, and did not have to pay the fine either! Very happy client! This was accomplished by investigating the case and showing facts that the police failed to write in their police report and conveniently overlooked in the case. The weakness in the case was exposed to the District Attorney. Client also had mitigating factors which always help in negotiating betters offers. 

5)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Penal Code § 484(a) and 490.2 (Petty Theft), Count 2) Penal Code § 484(a) and 490.2 (Petty Theft), Count 3) Penal Code § 242/243(a) (Battery), Count 4) Penal Code  § 148(a)(1) (Resisting Arrest), and Count 5) Penal Code 148.9(a) (Giving False Information To A Police Officer)

A difficult case. Client wants to attend law school and become a lawyer but allegedly committed petty theft at numerous stores, fled from the police when they tried to apprehend her, committed battery against a store clerk, and also allegedly gave a false name to a police officer. Lengthy negotiating with the District Attorney resulted in a plea to count 1 only. All other counts were dismissed and client has a chance of applying to law school and then maybe getting into the Bar. A plea to any other count would have made her application to the Bar even more difficult. Now she at least has a chance to join a profession that she wants to be in. Expungement after successful completion of her probation will also be available. 

6)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Health and Safety Code § 11364 (Possession Of A Smoking Device), Count 2) Penal Code § 466 (Possession of Burglar's Tools)

Client was charged with possession of burglary tools. During the search of my client they also discovered a smoking device. I was able to negotiate with the District Attorney and arrange for a dismissal of the drug count and arrange for pre-plea diversion on the second count. Client must complete a class, do 20 hours of community service and pay a minor fine. If he completes of this within 12 months then the case will be dismissed!

7)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Penal Code § 242/243(a) (Battery), Count 2) Penal Code §  242/243(a) (Battery)

Client was charged with battery against two individuals. An investigation of the case revealed that the witness was unable to properly identify my client. This allowed me to negotiate with the DA. Offer from the DA was a disturbing the peace misdemeanor. No jail time, one year court probation, and client walked home that day. Both battery counts DISMISSED!

8)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Penal Code § 484/488 (Petty Theft), Count 2) Penal Code §  182(a)(1) (Conspiracy)

Client was charged with petty theft and conspiracy. Client successfully completed diversion and her case has been dismissed!

9)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Health and Safety Code § 11357(c) (Possession of Marijuana of More than 28.5 grams)  

In this case my client was arrested for possessing a large amount of marijuana. Client did not have a permit. I was able to file a suppression motion, negotiate with the District Attorney, and receive an infraction. No jail time, no probation. Client received only a minor fine. Client very happy!

10)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Health and Safety Code § 11377(a)  

Client was offered post-plea diversion! If he successfully completes his drug class, pays fines then the case will be dismissed!

11)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Penal Code § 490.2 

Client was offered pre-plea diversion. Client successfully completed diversion and the case has been dismissed! 

12)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Health and Safety Code § 11350(a)

Case dismissed before trial! A vigorous defense revealed that the District Attorney would have great difficulty proving that the drugs belong to my client. I managed to persuade the District Attorney to dismiss the case!

13)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1)  Health and Safety Code § 11350(a) 

Client picked up drug cases in more than one county. I managed to put him on post-plea drug diversion in one county only and allow him to show proof of completion of his class to the other counties. If he does so the other cases will be dismissed as well. 

14)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1)  Penal Code § 484 (Petty Theft)

Client was charged with committing petty theft at a residence. Case resolved just short of jury trial. The District Attorney's office offered an infraction. The initial offer in the case was 60 days in county jail. Client ended up getting an infraction. No jail time, no court probation and only had to pay a small fine. Misdemeanor count dismissed!   

15)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Health and Safety Code § 11550 Count 2) Health and Safety Code § 11364

Client was charged with being under the influence of a controlled substance. She was also charged with possession of a smoking device. In this case the police took her blood after arresting my client. However, she never consented to the blood draw. A suppression motion was filed and the suppression motion was granted! This significantly weakened the District Attorney's office case. Client received HALF the sentence she would have received AND NO PROBATION!

16)         Case Resolved Before Trial: Count 1) Penal Code § 21810 (Possession Of Metal Knuckles)

Client was arrest for possession of knuckles. He was then subsequently charged with a misdemeanor. I was able to negotiate with the District Attorney and have the case dropped to an infraction. No jail time, no probation and no fine either after accounting for credits!

"Conrad was, by far, one of the most accessible and helpful attorneys that I have worked with. He went out of his way to research and provide me with valuable information regarding property Abandonment Issues. He did all of this based solely on the recommendation of a friend without charging me !! I mean who does that ... he did. I know that, based on that experience, I would trust him with other legal matters. Thanks again Conrad, for you time and advice."

Rosalyn R.

"Conrad helped me clear up some old debts which helped my credit score tremendously! I had previously tried to settle this matter alone with debt collection agencies, but they were not willing to work with me. Conrad kept me informed during the entire process and quickly responded to any questions I had. Thanks Conrad!"

Daniel A.

"My brother referred me to Conrad after he was able to clear all of his debt and raise his credit score. We both got into debt young and were struggling with the embarrassment and the burden of having poor credit. Conrad was extremely knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. He was able to remove all my debt and raise my credit score dramatically! I'm so thankful for everything Conrad has done for me and my family. I feel like I'm able to have a fresh start on life!"

Angelina A.

Conrad has been such a blessing to myself and my family. We were in a desperate situation and were fortunate enough to meet Conrad just as we were running out of time and hope. We have a unique and complicated set of criminal cases, and prior to meeting Conrad constantly felt confused, misinformed, anxious, worried, and impatient. Conrad mitigated those feelings by addressing all of our questions and concerns honestly and promptly, helping us to feel prepared, calm, and assured. What really blew us away was his compassion, understanding and genuine concern for my family. Needless to say, we hired Conrad to be our advocate and he worked relentlessly to help my family.
Conrad is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent. This is reflected in his ability to think quickly off His feet and provide us with options when we felt like our backs were up against a wall. This whole process has not been easy, but Conrad has made it as seamless as possible for my family and we feel so grateful to have him by our side. 

Roy C.

Mr. Conrad Kuyawa is a great lawyer. I have a rental property in East Bay, and unfortunately I had to initiate an eviction for a tenant who did not pay the rents. With the help of Conrad, the process went through very quickly. It not only resulted in the best outcome for me, but it also helped the tenant avoid an undesirable situation. Conrad is very professional. He gives quick response to any concern you may have. If you need an eviction lawyer in East Bay, go with Conrad and you will be in good hands. 

Jason L.